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Egyptian Belly Dance Art

Belly dance originated as a private dance in the Kingdom of Egypt and was only later also used to entertain the aristocracy.

The essence of the dance was a fertility ritual and the dancer served as a channel for divine energy

Personally I loved this form of dance from a very early age. As a child, I enjoyed musical education and learned to play the cello.

Additionally I had learned to act in youth theater for several years. 

The stage has always been my true home!       

 I started to train and learn Egyptian belly dance in Vienna and abroad, including training  with world renown Hossam Ramzy  at Drumzy School of Music and Dance UK where I achieved my degree as professional dancer for Egyptian belly dance art. 

After many years of daily hard training, workshops, internationally appearances, festivals attendances and shows, I have reached the perfection of an solo International performer and love and live it with all my heart.

As an experienced belly dancer  I see myself as a “translator” of the musical composition, I make the music visible and tangible for the audience. 

I love to entertain and touch the audience’s hearts, take them into the magical world of the one thousand and one nights. I equally love to train beginners to advanced dancers and introduce them to  mesmerizing Egyptian belly dance art.

You too will be enchanted .

About Me

A journey into 1001 Nights

Belly dance at a high level – classical Egyptian belly dance solo

Tamara Bellydance stands for public performances, private events and workshops!

– Short deposits  for corporate events and private celebrations
– Feature-length program 
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– Workshops to learn how to belly dance (beginner to advanced)
Tamara Bellydance is a trained professional belly dancer trained in classical Egyptian belly dance art.  We are happy to put together an individual program and advise you to find the best Entertainment for your event.
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Tamara Bellydance

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